Users Group

Join the conversation! Learn from others and share your knowledge via our: LANDIS-II Users Group. The bulletin board keeps users informed about events and jobs; allows file sharing; is moderated; and is a repository for the vast wisdom and knowledge of our users. In addition, you MUST join the User Group in order to gain access to the model and extension installers.

New to LANDIS-II? These documents are super helpful!

LANDIS-II Model Introduction - 2021 (PDF) - An explanation of our overall philosophy that guides model development and use

LANDIS-II Getting Started - 2021 (PDF) - A quick guide to running the model. Great for the new user!

The LANDIS-II Exercise Book

You can purchase the definitive guide to using LANDIS-II, 'Forecasting Forested Landscapes: An Introduction to LANDIS-II with Exercises' The book provides a broad introduction to forest landscape modeling generally, LANDIS-II specifically, and it includes the same exercises used in our regular training sessions.

The book is NO LONGER on sale at Amazon. If you like to purchase a copy ($39.99), contact Robert Scheller (rschell <at> Substantial educational discounts are available if you want to use the manual for teaching a class. Low and Lower-income economies also eligible for a discount. All proceeds go to The LANDIS-II Foundation to maintain the model and supporting systems.

Note: Beware of predatory selling on Amazon! DO NOT BUY THE BOOK FROM AMAZON.

The input files for the exercises are here: Book Exercises 5th Edition

Other Documentation

Technical Document: Double Exponential Seed Dispersal (PDF)