LANDIS-II-Site Tool (L2-Site)

The LANDIS-II-Site Tool (L2-Site) is a stand alone Windows program with a graphical user interface, designed to simulate succession on a single site using the same shade and succession algorithms that are used in LANDIS-II. The simulation runs for a defined number of years with the option of having additional cohorts establishing based on defined establishment probabilities and shade class rules. Users can define whether a species is present at the beginning of the run, at what time seeds become available for each species, and at what time cohorts are planted and removed. L2-Site can simulate up to 6 species and can simulate either Age-Only Succession or Biomass Succession v3.2. The program automatically graphs species biomass, percent shade, shade class, number of cohorts, cohort ANPP, cohort biomass, and dead woody biomass by species. Multiple simulations can be run and graphed together, with each simulation represented by a randomly selected unique color. An optional log file can also be created for each simulation run, recording some of the same data as the graphs, and a batch mode can run multiple replicates at the same time.

Current version v2.4.2 (released November 2016). Download tool here

Site Tool Variants

Variants of L2-Site have been developed in conjunction with new disturbance extensions as a tool for understanding the dynamics of the disturbance extension. The succession components and basic outputs of the L2-Site variants are the same as the standard site tool, but additional parameters and outputs have been added. See the documentation for the specific variant and the extension users guides for more information.

LANDIS-II-Site Tool for Browse (L2-Site-Browse)

L2-Site-Browse represents the dynamics of the Browse Disturbance Extension (currently in Beta release).

Current version: Beta v0.11 (released August 2016)