Installation Requirement: Read This First!

You MUST BECOME a member of the LANDIS-II Users Group and be logged in to access any LANDIS-II files. In order to join the group, you will need to create a Google account. You can create a Google account using your current email address - no need for a gmail account. After you have created your Google account and joined the Users Group, you will automatically be granted access to the installers below and all extension installers. You do not need to request permission after following these steps.

LANDIS-II v7 was released in 2018. Note: v7 will only operate on Windows 10 (x64) or Linux.

Primary Model User Guides

The two documents listed below provide a conceptual overview of the core LANDIS-II model and provide the User Guide for using the LANDIS-II core. Information about individual ecological processes can be found in the individual extension users guides and the peer-reviewed literature. See the Extensions page for documentation for individual extensions. These on-line User Guides will be the most up-to-date.

Landis-II Model Description v7 (PDF) An overview of the LANDIS basic assumptions.

Landis-II Model User's Guide v7 (PDF) A computer manual for running the model.

Ready to Install?

1. Join the LANDIS-II users group.

2. Install .NET Core Runtime v2.2 (NOTE: At this time, we are only compatible with v2.2.)

3. Install LANDIS-II v7.0

4. Open the downloaded .exe file and when prompted, click run. This will start the LANDIS-II Setup Wizard.

5. Read the LANDIS-II Model Introduction and LANDIS-II Getting Started, both available on the users tab.

6. Download the extensions you need (see below).

7. If you are updating from v6, update command lines: "landis scenario.txt" becomes, "landis-ii-7 scenario.txt"

Are you running Windows Server? If so, you'll need a special compile (v7.1).

Next, we recommend that you install these base extensions. They are simple to use and provide a great introduction:

    • Age-only Succession

    • Base Fire

    • Base Wind

    • Maximum Age Output

Additional extensions require separate downloads. Each of these extensions has its own web site with installer that is accessible from the Extensions Page. There are examples provided for each extension on their respective examples page.

What Happened to LANDIS-II v6.2?

Note: LANDIS-II v6.2.1 has been retired but is available by special request.