Widgets: A Graphical Interface for Windows

Widgets are lightweight graphical Windows programs that allow you to execute LANDIS-II scenarios without opening a command prompt. If you don't know what a command prompt is, Widgets are for you!

Contact: Robert Scheller, Portland State University

Copyright: Portland State University

Latest release: Version 1.1 — December, 2015 (Download)

View User Guide (PDF)

Brief Description: There are currently two Widgets available: the Landis-II Launcher and the Landis-II Replicator. The Launcher allows you to select a scenario configuration text file and run it. You can also validate the configuration before you run it and review the log after the scenario completes.

The Replicator provides the capability to launch multiple runs of one or more scenarios. These scenarios run unattended so you can configure them and walk away. The output is similar to the Launcher.

Important Note: You MUST have the final release of LANDIS-II v6.0 installed. The Widgets will not work with earlier beta releases.

Developers: Lesley Bross, Portland State University

Lineage: Requires LANDIS-II v6.0 final release

How to cite: TBD

Compatible Disturbance Extensions: All

Compatible Output Extensions: All