Local Habitat Suitability Output

The Local Habitat Suitability extension outputs maps of habitat suitability.

Contact: Brian Miranda, USDA Forest Service

Latest release: Version 2.0 — September 2018 (Download)

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Brief Description: Local Habitat Suitability generates maps of habitat suitability classes as defined by the user. Suitability can be determined by forest type, age, time since disturbance, type of disturbance, and forest condition prior to disturbance. This output extension uses age-only cohort information, so it is compatible with any succession extension. It can use disturbance information provided by Base or Biomass Harvest and Base or Dynamic Fire.

Developers: Donald Brown (West Virginia University, School of Natural Resources, Morgantown, WV & USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station, Parsons, WV) and Brian Miranda (USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station, Rhinelander, WI, USA)

Lineage: First released in LANDIS-II v6.2.