Primary Model User Guides

The two documents listed below provide a conceptual overview of the core LANDIS-II model and provide the User Guide for using the LANDIS-II core. Information about individual ecological processes can be found in the individual extension users guides and the peer-reviewed literature. See the Extensions page for documentation for individual extensions. These on-line User Guides will be the most up-to-date.

Landis-II Model Description v6 (PDF) An overview of the LANDIS basic assumptions.
Landis-II Model User's Guide v6 (PDF) A computer manual for running the model.

Installation Requirement (Read This First!)

You MUST BECOME a member of the LANDIS-II Users Group and be logged in to access these files.  In order to join the group, you will need to create a Google account.  This does NOT require that you have a gmail account.  You can create a Google account using your current email address.  After you have created your Google account and joined the Users Group, you will automatically be granted access to the installers below and all extension installers.   You do not need to request permission after following these steps.

How to Install LANDIS-II v6.2

LANDIS-II v6.2 was released in 2016.  Note: Previous versions are no longer available and are NO LONGER SUPPORTED.  

First, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE.  Note: LANDIS-II is only available for 64-bit computers, eg., Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10.   
Next, we recommend that you install these base extensions:  
After you install LANDIS-II, you will find Documentation, Sample Files, and an Uninstaller on your programs menu (Start -> Programs -> Landis-II -> 6.2).  

Note: LANDIS-II does run under Mac OSX and Linux, although the installation is more complex.  See notes on the Users Bulletin Board.

Install Widgets (v1.1)

We now have Widgets that make it fun and easy to run LANDIS-II!  See the Widgets Page.  

Install Additional LANDIS-II Extensions

Additional extensions require separate downloads.  Each of these extensions has its own web site with installer that is accessible from the Extensions Page.  

It is important to check the Extensions page frequently.  Updates and bug fixes are not uncommon.  In exchange for not bombarding users with email, users are responsible for ensuring that they have the latest extension versions.  For more information about the status of an extension, contact the developer listed on the extension web site.