What are Extensions?

Extensions are modules that plug into the LANDIS-II model, and either represent ecological processes or generate output data.  Each ecological process is programmed as an independent extension that interacts with the landscape through an explicit interface with the core LANDIS-II program. 

Below is a list of extensions that are currently available to registered users.  

Installation Requirement (Read This First!)

You MUST BECOME a member of the LANDIS-II Users Group and be logged in to access these files. In order to join the group, you will need to create a Google account. This does NOT require that you have a gmail account. You can create a Google account using your current email address. After you have created your Google account and joined the Users Group, you will automatically be granted access to all extension installers. You do not need to request permission after following these steps.

Succession Extensions: Only one succession extension operates during a simulation

Biomass Extensions: Compatible with Biomass, PnET, and NECN Succession

Biomass Extensions: Compatible only with Biomass Succession

PnET Extensions: Compatible only with PnET Succession

Leaf Biomass Extensions: Compatible only with Century Succession (these are now retired, see NECN Succession)
Century Succession
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