There are many teams currently developing new extensions or revising existing extensions. Because LANDIS-II is open-source, anyone can become a developer. And because the science resides within the extensions, it is possible (and relatively easy) to test new ideas without touching the model core or worrying about how other extensions operate.

Developer Help Files: 

Instructions:  Download folder, access help files via index.html.  

LANDIS-II Source Code

All of our code is freely available (under an open-source license) at GitHub.  For more information about using GitHub, see this Blog Post.  Our open-source goals are to increase transparency and promote collaboration. Each extension has a standard C# project file, allowing developers to quickly download and compile code using a MS Visual Studio product (C# Express is free) or other open-source IDEs (see below).

Bulletin Board for Developers

We have a Google Group for LANDIS-II Developers (see panel to the right). This is a moderated group devoted to questions about programming for LANDIS-II. There is a separate bulletin board for model users.

The Developers Blog (see panel to the right)

Tools for Developing Extensions

LANDIS-II is written with the C# programming language.  In order for LANDIS-II extensions to interact with the core framework, they must be written in C#. Version 6 was developing using various integrated development environments (IDEs). There are several options listed below. After installing a compatible IDE, a developer can download the source code from Google Code (see above) and launch the associated C# project file (*.csproj). If the necessary LANDIS-II components are installed on the developers computer (e.g., the core), the developer will be able to immediately compile any changes they make to the extension or library.
Visual Studio Express 2010: Microsoft's fully functioning IDE which includes Visual C#. Visual Studio Express is free.
MonoDevelop: An open-source IDE. MonoDevelop will also read and compile the csproj files we are using.

The History of LANDIS-II Development

For the most curious, the archive of the first LANDIS-II release (v5.0) is now available.  Also see our original time line and software requirements.

Developer's Bulletin Board

Developer's Blog

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