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LandViz: Visualizing Model Outputs Via Web Sites

LandViz is a visualization tool that allows researchers or managers to quickly and easily view LANDIS-II output. 

Contact: Melissa Lucash, Portland State University

Copyright: Portland State University; Oregon State University

Latest release: Version 1.0 - November, 2016 (Download)

View End User Guide (PDF):  Directions for using the web site.

View Quick Instructions (PDF): Quick instructions for using the website. 

View Model User Guide (PDF):  Directions for setting up the website.

Example files (ZIP)

Brief Description: This visualization tool is an easy-to-use software that allows researchers, managers or non-modelers to conduct visual comparisons of LANDIS-II output.  The user activates a website link (generated by the modeler, see below) to use the Viz Tool.  The tool allows the user to select the attributes of interest (e.g. aspen biomass, forest type)  and display them.  Multiple attributes (or scenarios) can be displayed in tiled windows that have synchronized pan, zoom and animation of time series.  This is particularly useful for viewing multiple maps at one time and synchronizing their scale and colors.  The tool can also be used to create charts to assess the temporal trends.  With only two clicks, any parameter of interest (e.g. total biomass, intensity and size of disturbance events, etc.) can be viewed over time as a simple graph.

Prior to using the Viz Tool, the modeler runs LANDIS-II (see list of compatible extensions below) to generate output (e.g. csv files, img file).  Then the modeler runs a pre-processing tool (PreProc Tool) that automatically sets tool defaults (e.g. projection, landscape extent, resolution, etc.) and creates a link (i.e. website) for the Viz Tool.

Developers: Johannes Liem, Oregon State University; Helen Jenny, Oregon State University; Robert Scheller, Portland State University; Melissa Lucash, Portland State University

Compatible Extensions: NECN, Output Biomass, BDA, Base Wind, Linear Wind, and Biomass Harvest

How to cite: Gustafson, Eric; Lucash, Melissa; Liem, Johannes; Jenny, Helen; Scheller, Rob; Barrett, Kelly, Brian Sturtevant. 2016. Seeing the future impacts of climate change and forest management: a landscape visualization system for forest managers. Gen. Tech. Rep. NRS-164. Newtown Square, PA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Research Station. 18 p.