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Dynamic Fuels and Fire System

The combined Dynamic Fire and Fuel System (DFFS) extensions estimates fuel types and simulates fire dependent upon fuel type, weather, and topography.

Contact: Brian Sturtevant, USFS North Central
Copyright: The LANDIS-II Foundation
Dynamic Fire Latest release: Version 3.0 — September 2018 (Download)
Dynamic Fuels Latest release: Version 3.0 — September 2018 (Download)
View Dynamic Fire User Guide (PDF)View Dynamic Fuels User Guide (PDF)

Brief Description:

The Dynamic Fire System simulates fire ignition, initiation, spread, and damage. Fire ignition and initiation follow Yang et al. 2004. Fire spread rates uses the equations from the Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction System (FBPS; Forestry Canada Fire Danger Group 1992) and are dependent upon fuel type, weather, and topography. Weather data are input as comma-separated text files containing data compiled directly from weather stations. Actual spread across the landscape follows the elliptical algorithms from Mark Finney, similar to those found in FARSITE. The extension has the flexibility to accommodate fuel types from throughout the world. Mortality from fires generally follows the behavior of previous LANDIS fire extensions.

The Dynamic Fire System extension must be used in conjunction with a fuel extension. The Dynamic Fuels extension uses cohort species and age-ranges to determine a fuel type for each cell on the landscape. The fuel types should match the fuel types created in the Dynamic Fire System extension. Prescriptions from the Base Harvest extension and mortality from the BDA extension can optionally cause fuel types to change.

An alternative fuels extension that classifies fuel types based on species biomass is now available. See the Dynamic Biomass Fuel System extension.

Developers: Brian R. Sturtevant & Brian R. Miranda, U.S. Forest Service; Robert M. Scheller, North Carolina State University; Doug Shinneman, USGS

Lineage: Released for LANDIS-II

How to cite: Sturtevant, B.R., R.M. Scheller, B.R. Miranda, D. Shinneman, A.D. Syphard. 2009. Simulating dynamic and mixed-severity fire regimes: A process-based fire extension for LANDIS-II. Ecological Modelling 220: 3380-3393.