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Century Succession

The Century Succession extension implements succession with above and below ground carbon and nitrogen.  Century has been renamed Net Ecosystem Carbon & Nitrogen (NECN) Succession.  User Guides are provided below only for archival purposes.

Contact: Robert Scheller, Portland State University
Copyright: Portland State University
Latest release: Version 4.0.2 — October 6, 2015 (Download)

View Century User Guide (PDF)

View Climate Library User Guide (PDF)

Brief Description: Aboveground biomass generally follows the behavior of previous Biomass Succession extensions with cohorts that have biomass (g m-2). In addition, below ground processing of Carbon and Nitrogen is simulated following the logic of the Century nutrient cycling model (v4.0).

Developers: Melissa S. Lucash and Robert M. Scheller, Portland State University; Paul Bolstand and Dong Hua, University of Minnesota

Lineage: First official release in LANDIS-II.

How to cite: Scheller, R.M., D. Hua, P.V. Bolstad, R. Birdsey, D.J. Mladenoff. 2011. The effects of forest harvest intensity in combination with wind disturbance on carbon dynamics in a Lake States mesic landscape. Ecological Modelling 222: 144-153.