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Biomass Reclassification Output

The Biomass Reclassification Output extension reclassifies sites into forest types dependent upon species dominance at that site. Dominance is determined by total biomass per species at the site.

Contact: Robert Scheller, North Carolina State University
Latest release: Version 3.0 — September 2018 (Download)
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Brief Description: This extension summarizes output from the Biomass Succession extension. Biomass succession simulates changes in the biomass of each cohort dependent upon age, competition, and disturbance.

Developers: Robert M. Scheller

Lineage: First official release in LANDIS-II.

How to cite: Scheller, R. M. and Mladenoff, D. J. A forest growth and biomass module for a landscape simulation model, LANDIS: Design, validation, and application. Ecological Modelling. 2004; 180(1):211-229.