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Biomass Harvest

The Biomass Harvest extension simulates logging.

Contact:  Eric Gustafson, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station
Copyright: 2008,2013 Green Code LLC
Latest release: Version 3.0 — October 2015 (Download)
View User Guide (PDF)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Biomass Harvest v3.0 is incompatible with earlier versions of Base or Biomass Harvest. If you have been using an earlier version of Biomass Harvest, please do the following to ensure successful installation:
  1. Use the Windows control panel to uninstall any earlier versions of Base and Biomass Harvest
  2. Use the Windows File Explorer to navigate to C:\Program Files\LANDIS-II\v6\bin\extensions and delete any .dll files with "harvest" in their name. For example: Landis.Extension.BaseHarvest.dll
  3. Run the installer for Biomass Harvest v3.0
  4. You may also have to install an updated version of your succession extension. Check the LANDIS-II website to make sure you are using the most current version.

Brief Description: 

The Biomass Harvest Extension for LANDIS-II is derived from the Base Harvest extension and therefore shares many of the same features as Base Harvest. The largest difference is that Biomass Harvest supports partial thinning of cohorts.  Consult the user guide for Base Harvest for the most complete information.

Developers: James B. Domingo, Green Code LLC; Robert Scheller, Portland State University

Lineage: First released for LANDIS-II v5.1.