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Biomass Fuels

The Dynamic Biomass Fuel System extension estimates fuel types based on species, age, and biomass information. The extension works in conjunction with Dynamic Fire System and serves as an alternative to the Dynamic Fuel System which uses species and age information only when estimating fuel types. 

Contact: Robert Scheller, Portland State University
Copyright: Conservation Biology Institute
Latest release: Version 2.1.1 — November, 2016 (Download)
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Brief Description:

The Dynamic Fire System extension must be used in conjunction with a fuel extension. The Dynamic Biomass Fuel extension uses cohort species, age-ranges, and the aboveground live biomass of those cohorts to determine a fuel type for each cell on the landscape. The fuel types should match the fuel types created in the Dynamic Fire System extension. Prescriptions from the Base Harvest extension and mortality from the BDA extension, a wind extension or a fire extension can optionally cause fuel types to change.

Developers: Robert M. Scheller, Portland State University

Lineage: Released with LANDIS-II v5.1

How to cite: Syphard, A.D., R.M. Scheller, B.C. Ward, W.D. Spencer, J.R. Strittholt. 2011. Simulating landscape-scale effects of fuel treatments in the Sierra Nevada, California, USA. International Journal of Wildland Fire 20: 364-383.