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BFOLDS Fire Regime Module

Boreal Forest Landscape Dynamics Simulator fire regime module to simulate fire regime

Contact: Marc Ouellette, Forest Landscape Ecology Program, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Copyright: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Latest release: Version 2.1 — May 2020 (Download)
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Brief Description: BFOLDS (Boreal FOrest Landscape Dynamics Simulator) Fire Regime Module v2.0 represents forest fire processes mechanistically in a spatially explicit manner. It simulates fire ignition, growth, and extinguishment based on input data of weather, forest composition, and terrain and scientific knowledge of Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction System and Fire Weather Index system.

Developers: Marc R. Ouellette & Ajith H. Perera

Lineage: Version 2.0 is the first LANDIS-II version. Version 1.0 was a stand alone fire regime model that also included succession and was released in 2008.

Original citation: Perera, A.H., M.R. Ouellette, W. Cui, M. Drescher and D. Boychuk. 2008. BFOLDS 1.0: A spatial simulation model for exploring large scale fire regimes and succession in boreal forest landscapes. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario Forest Research Institute, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Forest Research Report No. 152. 50 p. (View PDF)