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Base Wind

The base wind extension simulates wind disturbances. 

Contact: Robert Scheller, North Carolina State University
Latest release: Version 3.0 — September 2018 (Download)
View User Guide (PDF)

Brief Description: Base Wind generates circular, elliptical, or linear wind events, dependent upon wind speed. Wind events are not sensitive to landscape continuity. Inputs are dependent upon ecoregion (or 'landtype') specific inputs. Base Wind follows the principles of previous LANDIS models. However, there are significant changes in User inputs and behavior; see the User Guide for further information.

Developers: Robert M. Scheller, David J. Mladenoff, Hong S. He

How to Cite:  Mladenoff, David J., and Hong S. He. "Design, behavior and application of LANDIS, an object-oriented model of forest landscape disturbance and succession." Spatial modeling of forest landscape change: approaches and applications. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK (1999): 125-162.

Lineage: First released in LANDIS v3.x.