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Base Harvest

The Harvesting extension simulates logging and other forest management activities.

Contact: Eric Gustafson, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station
Copyright: The LANDIS-II Foundation
Latest release: Version 5.1 - October 2019 (Download)
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Brief Description: The Harvesting extension is derived from the principles found in Landis 3.6. However, the user inputs and algorithms have been significantly changed. See the Users Guide for information about specific changes. 

Developers: Eric J. Gustafson, Brian R. Sturtevant, Brian R. Miranda, Patrick A. Zollner, U.S. Forest Service; David J. Mladenoff, Robert M. Scheller, & James B. Domingo, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Hong S. He, University of Missouri-Columbia

Lineage: First released in LANDIS v3.x.

How to Cite: Gustafson, E. J.; Shifley, S. R.; Mladenoff, D. J.; Nimerfro, K. K., and He, H. S. Spatial simulation of forest succession and timber harvesting using LANDIS. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 2000; 30:32-43.