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Base Epidemiological Disturbance Agent

The Base Epidemiological Disturbance Agent (EDA) extension simulates diseases. 

Contact: Chris Jones, University of North Carolina
Copyright: NC State University
Latest release: Version 2.0 — November 2018 (Download)
View User Guide (PDF)

Brief Description: Base EDA simulates the spread and mortality of cohorts due to forest diseases. It does not allow for partial cohort mortality at this time. This version of EDA utilizes cohort age it could work with any succession extension. However, it is dependent on the Climate Library. Therefore, it is only compatible with succession extensions that utilize the Climate Library. This model is parallelized (# of cores/CPUs decrease computation time) (see note in user manual).

Users provide the location of initial infection(s) as well as dispersal and environmental parameters for the disease vector of interest.  

Original Developers: Chris Jones, Francesco Tonini, and Brian Miranda.

Lineage: First released in LANDIS-II v6.2.

Original citation: Tonini, F., C. Jones, B.R. Miranda, R.C. Cobb, B.R. Sturtevant, and R.K. Meentemeyer.  2018.  Modeling epidemiological disturbances in LANDIS-II.  Ecography 41: 1-7.

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May 18, 2018, 5:57 AM