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Base Biological Disturbance Agents

The Biological Disturbance Agent (BDA) extension simulates insects and diseases. 

Contact: Brian Sturtevant, USFS Northern Research Station
Copyright: USFS Northern Research Station
Latest release: Version 4.0 — March 2019 (Download)
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Brief Description: The Age-Only BDA module simulates tree mortality following major outbreaks of insects and/or disease, where major outbreaks are defined as those significant enough to influence forest succession, fire disturbance, or harvest disturbance at landscape scales. This version of the BDA will work with both age-only and biomass succession in LANDIS-II. However, it only uses cohort age information. Partial cohort removal and growth reductions are not possible. This implementation therefore behaves similar to that described in the Sturtevant et al. (2004) paper, and in the LANDIS 4.0 User’s Guide, with the exception of a variable temporal resolution where cohort ages are not limited to 10-year time steps.

Developers: Brian R. Sturtevant & Eric J. Gustafson, U.S. Forest Service; Hong S. He & Wei Li, University of Missouri-Columbia; Robert M. Scheller, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lineage: First official release in LANDIS v4.0.

How to cite: Sturtevant, B.R., E.J. Gustafson, W. Li, and H.S. He. 2004. Modeling biological disturbances in LANDIS: A module description and demonstration using spruce budworm. Ecological Modelling 180: 153 – 174.