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Age-only Succession

The Age-only Succession extension implements succession with cohorts defined by age ranges only. This is the LANDIS classic!

Contact: Robert Scheller, North Carolina State University
Latest release: Version 5.2 — October 2019 (Download)
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Brief Description: Age-only succession behaves similar to previous LANDIS models. However, this extension has a variable temporal resolution and therefore cohort ages are not limited to 10-year time steps.  Age-only Succession v2.0 - Previous versions of LANDIS applied an assumption that species cohorts younger than their age of sexual maturity did not cast shade. This assumption was implemented as a proxy for crown closure, assuming that opportunities for species establishment existed prior to the onset of direct competition for light. Version 2.0 now includes this assumption to be most compatible with earlier versions of LANDIS.

Developers: David J. Mladenoff, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Hong S. He, University of Missouri-Columbia; Robert M. Scheller, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Joel Boeder, NRRI

Lineage: Conceptual design first appeared in LANDIS v1.0.

How to cite: Mladenoff, D.J. and H.S. He. 1999. Design, behavior and applications of LANDIS, an object-oriented models of forest landscape disturbance and succession. Pages 125-162 in Spatial modeling of forest landscape change, Mladenoff, D.J. and Baker, W.L. (eds.), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

Compatible Disturbance Extensions:  Base FireBase HarvestBase WindBase BDABase DroughtDynamic Fuels and Fire

Compatible Output Extensions:  Cohort Statistics OutputMax Spp Age OutputAge Reclassification Output