Visualizing LANDIS .gis output

posted Nov 6, 2014, 10:16 AM by Lesley Bross
While working a bug fix for Base Harvest, I wanted to view the grid output and also some of the configuration files. For example: management.gis and stand.gis.

ArcMap was open from some unrelated work and I tried adding these files to the display. ArcMap added them but they did not line up as expected. I found that if I opened a new ArcMap document and added the files, they would stack correctly. ArcMap doesn't like files without projections, so there is always the option of associating a projection with each file. However, in my case, I just need to look at them quickly to see if my code produced the desired output.

I found using ENVI 5.1 also worked and seemed less concerned with the missing projection. However, this is an expensive imagery program that most users won't have access to.

LANDISVIEW and VizTool are other options if I find myself needing to analyze the data in greater detail.