Keys to getting the debug console to work

posted Dec 17, 2014, 4:21 PM by Lesley Bross
  1. Make sure the path includes the folder for GDAL on your system. (Program.cs in the Debug console project)
  2. Create a folder at C:\Program Files\LANDIS-II\v6\bin\build to hold all of your development .dll's. This keeps development separate from your LANDIS install
  3. The compiled output of your project should be copied to the build folder. This may be difficult as writing to the folder mentioned in step 2 requires admin privileges. There are various ways to work around this. Some are built into the LANDIS SDK.
  4. All supporting .dll's should be copied into the build folder. This includes the Core files and any other extensions you may need.
  5. Extensions.xml must exist in the build folder and have any required extensions listed in it.
  6. The Debug console must also write to the build folder. The first time you build it, you'll need to copy the Landis.Console-6.1.exe.config file to the build folder and rename it Landis.Console-Debug.exe.config. This contains the required configuration settings for the Landis console.